Footique Boutique

Footique is proud to be the only podiatrist owned and certified modern nail lounge in Georgia. We have conducted extensive research and developed, what we believe to be, the best overall nail salon experience. You will notice the difference the moment you walk in, from the custom high end furniture to the blue chandelier and modern ambiance. We have a great selection of hard to find hand & foot products, candles, and jewelry. footique couples our unique services with high end products showcased in publications such as InStyle, allure, BRIDES, and Orpah's O.

What really sets footique apart is not so visible. We are dedicated to providing the most sanitary nail care services available. Being owned by a podiatric physician, we make it our utmost priority to ensure the health and happiness of all our clients. We have all seen the news reports about the dangerous bacteria that can be carried in the pipes, instruments, and basins if they are not cleaned properly in between clients. This is precisely the reason footique has custom built pedicure benches with porcelain sinks and fresh running water. There are no filters and pipes to re-circulate bacteria. After each service, the sink and surrounding area is cleaned with a hospital grade cleaner. We adhere to the strictest sanitation standards by sterilizing all instrumentation after each use and disposing of all single use products and tools. We are also the only nail salon to allow you to pick a polish and take it home after use to prevent client cross contamination. These extra steps go above and beyond requirements of the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology.


Monday- Friday 10:00am-6:30pm

Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm

Sunday closed