More soldiers return home from Iraq

By Roslyn Giles  - email | bio

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - It never gets old. The scene of soldiers reuniting with families after a year of being thousands of miles apart. It is just as refreshing as the last ceremony. 

A portion of the Third Brigade returned home around 3:30 Tuesday morning at Fort Benning's Lawson Airfield.

The energy and excitement was so intense. The moment the family gets the cue to greet their soldier, it's like pandemonium, but in a good way.  "It's more than exciting. He is finally coming home to be a daddy to his little girl," said Angela Paynes, soldier's wife.

Daddies missing their newborns is a common thread among the soldiers.  Little Barritt Moehring hasn't seen his father since he was born in May when dad came home for the birth. " He's grown so much since the last time and it's great to see him and my wife Deborah" added Sgt. Stephen Moehring.

The Moehring's are glad to be together again as a family.  Deborah Moehring, says being a new mom in dad's absence has brought new challenges. "I had to learn everything as a new mom by myself with an infant. It's hard, awful."

Another 200 soldiers will experience the same type of reunion Friday when a third group of soldiers arrive home.

By October, a total of 3700 soldiers will have returned from deployment, with the main company expected to start arriving in September.

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