Bats found in elementary school, exterminator on site

Park Elementary School - Hamilton, GA
Park Elementary School - Hamilton, GA

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HARRIS COUNTY, GA (WTVM) – News Leader 9 has gotten several phone calls into the newsroom from Harris County parents.

The calls were in reference to a bat infestation at Park Elementary in Hamilton, GA.

According to the Harris County Superintendent Craig Dowling, over the course of the day 15 bats were captured. We are told once the bats were discovered, school maintenance was called in to capture the bats and students were not allowed to go down the corridors where the bats were found.

Dowling says the school had problems with bats in the past.

An exterminator is trying to determine how the bats got inside and will seal any possible entrances.

We are told a press conference about the bat discovery has been scheduled by school personnel. News Leader 9 is attending. We'll have the latest information as soon as it becomes available.

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