Parents upset with bats at Park Elementary

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

HARRIS COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - Minutes after our story ran yesterday we received dozens of calls from people claiming they were parents and teachers at park elementary saying bats and their fecal matter were still in the school.

Superintendent Craig Dowling says although there still may be bats in the ceiling, thanks to a professional trapping company, they cannot harm the children.

"They worked most of the night and sealed with a contraption that let's bats out but doesn't let them back in." said Dowling.

The contraption is called a bat valve.

Jarrod Yasenchok, an exterminator with Affordable Wildlife Services, says, "The way we get them out is take the funneling system which is a pipe or some kind of hose and stick it up underneath, put foam everywhere else so that the bat can only get out." Yasenchok was not hired by Park Elementary to rid the bats.

Experts say this system can take as long as 60 days to rid the building of bats.

Anonymous parents and teachers have called news leader nine expressing concerns that bats and their fecal matter were still in the schools. "When it's mixed with urine it molds and gives you lung infection." Says Yasenchok. Dr. Dowling says he there are not any droppings in the school.

"Right now I have asked the company to identify any droppings, the formal name is guano, and they have found none in the building."

Danny Cofield, an exterminator who came to Park elementary Tuesday morning to examine the building, but who was not hired to do the work, says he saw bats and more when he went.

Dr. Dowling says the only place that would have guano would be in the ceiling where the bats are and they will do a thorough cleaning of it when the bats and students are gone.

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