Rain doesn't get Northern Little League fans down

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Take me out to the ball game...or at least the movie theater, where Northern's fans had a hard time containing their excitement before the game. Rachel Leary says, "I'm really thrilled about the game I mean the boy's have done such hard work and I'm just proud of them."

"It's exciting, it's crazy it's a lot of fun, it's cool to see our friends up there," said some of the Blackmon Middle School Cheerleaders.

The crowd cheered alongside cheerleaders...played games to win prizes, and enjoyed hotdogs, cotton candy and peanuts.

Joe and Linda Pate, grandparents to Northern pitcher Jacob Pate, say they feel like they're in Williamsport watching their grandson, "It was almost like being at the ballpark, if they'd just import the sun and the heat we'd be in good shape...it is great, it's a dream come true, exciting for the boys, we're excited for them."

But even fans who aren't parents to the players are overwhelmed."It's such a great time I'm having so much fun I'm actually nervous I get chill bumps and I'm so excited I don't know how they're parents are doing it, says Linda Leary

Everyone's favorite part of the night, is seeing the boys on TV.

"We are just so excited, we been watching these boys all season and the fact that they're in Williamsport and coming to Carmike Cinemas to watch them on the big screen is so exciting." Added Leary

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