Northern Little Leaguers reach "celebrity" status

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The players on the Northern Little League team are certainly getting their fifteen minutes of fame during this tournament.

At the age of 12 or 13, not many people can say they have appeared on national television. Even fewer people can claim to be celebrity athletes, but the Northern Little League team can say both.

Their team name is heard all over Columbus and their faces have been plastered all over ESPN and ABC. With all this attention, it seems the Northern Little League players are becoming local celebrities.

Blackmon Road Middle School student Elizabeth Evans said, "They'll probably be superstars to all the kids at school and they'll probably look up to them."

Blackmon Road 8th grader Emmie Ruth Wise added, "I think it would be pretty cool because everyone will look up to them and it would be really neat to be them in their place and be looked up to."

Their friends say seeing them on television is awesome and when they return to school their popularity status will rise.

"It's not going to change from my point of view, I just think they'll be more popular," said another Blackmon Road 8th grade student Taylor Wright.

Wise said, "I don't think it will change, we'll still be friends, they'll just have a big old title."

And everyone agrees the new found "fame" won't go to the boys' heads.

Carol Walker is a 6th grade Social Studies teacher at Blackmon Road Middle and has taught several of the Northern Little League players. She told News Leader Nine, "I think it'll be great for them. I think it will build a lot of confidence for them and I think they'll use it wisely. It'll be good for them."

Kala King, who is a good friend of a few of the baseball players at Midland Middle School said, "Knowing the guys that are on the team, they're really good people and I don't think it will change them one bit."

"I think they'll be able to handle the celebrity status because they all seem to have a good head on their shoulders," said Blackmon Road Athletic Director and coach Chad Bray.

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