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The walls of Carver come tumbling down

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  After more than 50 years of standing as a Muscogee County School, the walls of Carver High came tumbling down this morning. News Leader Nine was there as administration and alumni gathered at the demolition site to say goodbye to their old school and hello to a whole new future for Carver.

Carver High School Principal Chris Lindsey explained, "Part of the building was built in 1952, part was built in 1954, and other portions were built in the 70's and the 90's."

Reaves Wrecking was the bidder chosen to perform the demolition. President Bill Reaves told News Leader Nine, "The asbestos people are staying ahead of us and once they get this wing clear, we'll be able to go all the way to the administration building so it'll pick up speed next week."

Lindsey said, "Since I was a little child I was part of the Carver High School family, so this is very close to my heart."

Alumni also cam to the site as the first walls came crumbling down. Patricia Walton was part of the first graduating class of Carver High School in 1963. She said, "It should have been done a long time ago and I'm looking forward to seeing some more young people come this way. I always tell them, I paved the way for y'all."

"My daughter is currently in the 11th grade here at Carver and we made the choice to come here despite the facilities because of the rich heritage and academics, so it's bittersweet. But like the song says "it's been a long time coming and change indeed has come,"" said Wanda Jenkins, who was a student at Carver Elementary years ago and is now a Carver parent.

Principal Lindsey added, "It's bittersweet, but more sweet than bitter. We have a lot of tradition that lies here on this campus and it will all be taken away, but we'll keep the memories in our mind, and in our hearts as well as in pictures and videos we have in regards to the school."

Reaves Wrecking tells us the demolition has a 100 day time frame then construction on the new Carver High School can begin.

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