Mohawks take over the Northern Little Leaguers

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Great hairstyles of the past include the bowl cut, the afro and the bob, but now the Northern Little League team is resurrecting another style... The mohawk.

The players on the Northern Little League team may be 900 miles from home but they are setting trends that their friends in Columbus are eager to follow.

Let's take a trip back to 1999 when the Phenix City baseball team brought home the American Championship title, and what appeared to be a bottle's worth of bleach in their hair. Now it's 2010 and instead of glowing locks, the boys have mohawks.

Head football coach at Blackmon Road Middle School Chad Bray said, "They took off their hats and showed off their mohawks and it was pretty cool."

"I've noticed different teams have different things they do with their hair and I just think mohawks are a pretty cool idea," said 8th grade student at Blackmon Road Middle, Taylor Wright told News Leader Nine.

Classmate Elizabeth Evans added, "I guess they think it's cool and it helps them play better so whatever helps them is good."

The boys' new 'do's have been all over television. Fellow Blackmon Road 8th grader Emmie Ruth Wise said, "It's something different and it's unique about the."

But that style may not be unique for long. Students all over Columbus are starting to sport the mohawk.

Coach Bray said, "It has somewhat started and it could be a fad, but it depends on if the kids want to build up their confidence and their self-esteem enough to actually do that."

Midland Middle School 8th grader McKenzie Quigley said boys at her school are already cutting their hair, "Because they think it's cool because they all have mohawks."

But just how many people are willing to say goodbye to the sides of their hair?

News Leader Nine asked Midland Middle School 7th grader Adam Diaz, "Are you going to shave your head too?" He answered, "Possibly, but probably not, because mohawks aren't my style."

So then we turned out question to 7th grader Will Maness, "If they come back to school and all of them have mohawks, are you going to get one?" He said, "Probably not."

When we asked why not? He answered, "I don't like mohawks... But, I might."

Our most positive response came from Coach Bray, "Since I've got a bald spot, I don't think mine would go all the way around. I'd consider it. I don't think my wife would consider it. But I would consider it!"

WTVM actually got the principals at Midland and Blackmon Road Middle Schools to agree to shave their heads into the mohawk style if the Northern Little League team won it all. So as if being National Champions isn't enough, now the team has extra incentive to bring that title home!

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