"The Girlfriends": Northern Little League's number one fans

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  The players on Northern Little League may not be old enough to drive or vote, but some may say you are never too young for love. Even though their family members would argue they are the biggest fans around News Leader Nine met some young girls who claim they carry that title.

Midland Middle School 8th grader Lexie Stohr explained, "Right now Troy Gilliland is my boyfriend and Jacob Pate is my best friend Kala King's boyfriend."

Their dates may be limited to school dances and hanging out at a friend's house, but these four girls claim they are "going out" with the Northern Little League players.

"He said he hit that home run for me," bragged Midland Middle School 8th grade student McKenzie Quigley, who is going out with Knox Carter.

Kathryn Lee, who is in 8th grade at Blackmon Road Middle School with her boyfriend Jack Tanner said, "I get to text him every day."

Jacob Pate's girlfriend, Kala King, told News Leader Nine, "They have this thing where you e-mail them and they print it out and give it to him, so I e-mail and call."

The long-distance relationship has its downfalls, especially when the boys are reaching celebrity status in Williamsport.

"We were talking to them last night and they were saying all these girls think they're cute," recalled Lexie Stohr.

Kala King threatened, "If they touch him, I'll go berserk."

"I don't like that because it kind of makes me jealous," added Kathryn Lee.

But McKenzie Quigley says she's confident in her young relationship, "It doesn't really bother me because I know he's not going to ditch me for someone in another state that he doesn't even know."

Their parents said if the team plays in the World Series title game, they will let their daughters go and cheer on the boys.

Kala said, "My mom said she would take me up there to see the big game, but I'll walk if she doesn't take me."

Lexie added, "If they make it to the championship we're going to do a road trip and go to Pennsylvania. We hope they get there!"

But until then, they'll have to settle for seeing their guys on television.

"It's sad because I'm used to seeing him a lot and when I just get to see him on TV it's heartbreaking," Kala jokingly said.

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