Back to school for Northern Little Leaguers

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  The Northern Little Leaguers are home and back in school and News Leader Nine went behind the scenes to see how the players are adapting to normalcy.

Kids headed back to Muscogee County Schools three weeks ago, but some students were finishing up some business in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

We followed the Northern Little Leaguers Tuesday on their first day of school.

Jacob Pate said, "I'm not sure, I don't really know what to expect."

Even though it's coming later than with most kids, the first day jitters are setting in for the boys as they head back to school.

"I really didn't want to come back to school, but it's good to see all my friends and see what it's like," said Matthew Lang.

Troy Gilliland added, "We're not in Williamsport anymore, and we're going back to being normal."

Life at the World Series may not have been normal, but the boys certainly had their fair share of fun.

Pate said, "The best part was the weather up there, besides that, it would be hanging out with the different teams from all over the world."

Pate says they were treated like stars while playing baseball, "Everywhere we went we had girls stopping us, wanting our autographs, and wanting pictures with us. It was weird having girls you don't even know coming up to you. I tried to ignore them a little, but I didn't give them too much attention."

And the new found attention has even followed them home.

"Me and my mom, we had to run and get some last minute things and I had people staring at me. It's weird. You feel famous," laughed Pate.

Lang said, "I went to Bruster's last night and a couple people recognized us and told us good job on the season."

"It's really cool that people know you that didn't know you before and you get more attention from people," added Gilliland.

Now that they are back at school, the boys say the first day was actually, fairly normal.

"I'm surprised I didn't sign any autographs today, but I knew people would ask questions. And people who weren't your friends before, I mean you knew them, but now they are your friends," said Jacob Pate.

Both Midland and Blackmon Road Middle Schools have "welcome home" pep rallies prepared for the players later in the week.

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