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Be There: Cooking Lessons

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but would you believe it's even easier for parents to take a few minutes for their children.

Kids love to learn new things, especially when their parents are the ones teaching them. The mother we caught up with this week is teaching her daughter how to cook, and take the time to talk about their lives.

"We have fun cooking as well as what's happening during the day," said Midland Middle School 8th grader Daivon Fowlkes.

Her mother DeVonne Jackson explained, "I want her to be comfortable with me. Not necessarily sisterly or friendly but to be able to say "mom, I have this problem, or I need help with this" or "what's going on here, how are you handling things."

And while her daughter was asking her those questions, DeVonne Jackson took the opportunity to sneak in a few cooking lessons, "Every time I step to the stove it's "mom, what are you doing, how can I help, what's that, how long does this take". It's getting together and passing information back and forth."

Daivon added, "We let the food thaw out and let it simmer in the pan and we take over from there. I'm learning how to cook mostly breakfast foods and I'm working on lunch and dinner but it's been working out pretty well."

The two get to talk about the day's events and Daivon says they are sharing important skills as a family, "When I have a house and children it will help me in the future with what my mom's doing with me."

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