Sheriff's office warns public about phone scam

Press Release

TROUP COUNTY, GA - On September 1, deputies responded to a report of fraud at an address on Salem-Chipley Road.

The victim stated that a man called her home phone claiming to be an "officer". He, then, told her that her grandson had been arrested in Canada for marijuana possession, after being found inside a vehicle with others that had been stopped for speeding.

Allegedly, the man subsequently stated that she needed to go to a local grocery store and send $5,400.00 by Western Union to another man in Raleigh, NC.

The victim, further, reported that the phony "officer" went so far as to put someone who sounded similar to her grandson on the phone, momentarily.

At this point, the victim hung up and notified her true grandson, who clarified that no such incident had indeed occurred.

This victim could have followed through on the caller's demands, which would have put her into dire straights, financially.

Instead, she chose to think things through, and took all the proper steps to protect her finances and other important information.

Sheriff Donny Turner reminds you that you should never respond to offers that demand you act immediately or won't take "no" for an answer.

Don't give any private or important personal information to anyone over the phone.

No legitimate law enforcement agency will ever call you to demand that you send someone money in order for them to release a family member or friend.

Source: Troup County Sheriff's Office

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Source: Troup County Sheriff's Office