Auburn eateries packed with game day orders

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

AUBURN, AL (WXTX) - Barbecuing, cooking and chopping...Byron's Smokehouse employees have been doing that since 5 o'clock this morning, preparing for tonight's Auburn football game.

The Smokehouse owner, Glenn Gulledge, says he's been getting orders since Wednesday.

"The phone's been ringing quite regularly...They'll come all the way up till game time, actually about 30 minutes before game time and then it will just die.">

Bonnie Emory, who works at a local Pizza Hut and Wing Street, says fans watching the game like the luxury of having food delivered straight to their homes or parties...and that's why tonight they are doubling their delivery drivers. She says, "It's probably gonna have about 2-3 delivery drivers tonight because we are gonna be busy with delivery since the ball games are out of town."

Gulledge says Auburn fans have been waiting all year for football, and the atmosphere is contagious.

"People are excited about it, plus it's an SEC game it's a big game, we need to win just like they need to win and uh, it's pretty neat, everybody's still jacked up , excited about football season."

Business owners and fans alike say home games bring more crowds and hype...but away games can be just as fun and a boost for the economy. "People get excited about away games because they do things like that they cook out at home, they have families and friends together...they do things that you can't do when you have a home football game, so they're excited about it."

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