Residents work to restore their neighborhood

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The residents of East Highland are coming together again. This time they are wiping the slate clean and starting from the beginning.

After a recent string of crime throughout the city, members of the community are banding together and moving forward with reconstructing the image of the once prominent East Highland area.

"The idea tonight is that we would get some people from within the community to come together and discuss potential things that can happen in East Highland and look at differences that people have and begin a process of being relative by establishing good relationships," said Cedric Hill with the East Highland Neighborhood Watch.

The issues discussed tonight revolved around gaining the support of the entire neighborhood and re-energize and restructuring the neighborhood watch."I'm praying and hoping that the community will come together as a whole especially when it comes to our children," said East Highland resident Linda Robinson.

Children are the reason East Highland resident Jennifer Hayes was present at Thursday night's meeting. Both of her children were shot in that neighborhood just two weeks ago. "I almost lost my son and daughter, my daughter is walking around with a bullet in her head and my son ... he's been released from the hospital with a bullet in his pelvic bone and he was shot twice," said Jennifer Hayes.

Hayes wants to work with the neighborhood watch to prevent what happened to her son and daughter from happening to someone else. "We need to come together. We need to put our coffee cans our beer cans whatever down and we need to come together," Hayes said.

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