Rally brings Columbus community together

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -The voices of people who live in the East Highland community rang out throughout the area this afternoon. The Neighborhood Watch group and leaders with Columbus against Drugs teamed up to do what they can to stop the growing violence in East Highland.

"We've had four murders in this area, the neighbors decided we need to come together and we need to do something about this," said Reverend Willie Phillips, president of Columbus against drugs.Community leaders simply say they've had enough, coming out tonight to show their support for people who live near where some of the latest murders happened.

"On this corner a young man was gunned down not too long ago, that is unacceptable in Columbus, Georgia these people are here to tell the neighborhood that we won't take it any longer it's time to stop, Kathy Williams of Neighbor Works said.

"We are in action and are out here moving and we want to take care of the problem at hand get rid of the drug dealers, get rid of the people that are committing the crimes in our area," Muscogee County coroner Bill Thrower said.

It is an area that has been plagued with crime for years... and it's finally getting support from the people who live there. The group came together on the street corner where Gerald Hatchett was murdered on Labor Day. A friend of Hatchett's family and his one year old daughter came out to the rally with hopes of ending crime in East Highland.

"His child is going to have to grow up without a father because somebody's senseless act of violence and they should have thought about what they did before they act," Amber Harrow said.

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