NFL season kicks off

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Football fans all over the country were glued to their television sets Sunday as the NFL season officially kicked off. If the fans weren't relaxing on the couch, they were watching the games at local sports bars.

Carolina Panthers fan Brooks Deaton said it was a day he's been looking forward to all year, "I'm very excited, it's a new season. It's a new day to come out to Sports Page and bars and hang out with friends for the football season."

"We work very hard all year long waiting for this day. We just hope for the best and a lot more people showed up. We had a really good crowd earlier, we had a packed house," explained the owner of Sports Page, Duk Soerries.

If the food and friends don't draw you in, Soerries says the massive televisions surely will, "I have over 85 TV's all together: one 200 inch screen projector and eight 150 inch projectors."

Lonny Neihoff stopped by the sports bar to cheer on his team, the Cleveland Browns, "Oh it's great! It's a good time to get to watch all the football games. It's all hyped up now, I mean it's the beginning of the year, everybody wants to win. You've got your winners, you've got your losers, but everybody is into it though."

Even if they didn't agree on who to root for, it seemed all the fans could agree on one thing... it's great to have football back!

"You have so many different fans for so many different teams. You hear cheers from one side of the bar, you hear cheers from the other side of the bar. You get to meet new people that are fans of your team that you didn't know coming into the establishment," said Pittsburgh Steelers fan Eddie Bussell

Deaton added, "It's all for the NFL football, that's the true season of sports."

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