Child Life Services

Procedure education: Preparing children for a procedure can reduce your child's anxiety and increase coping during the hospitalization. Child Life Specialists use dolls, photo books and real medical equipment to teach your child the steps of a procedure so that he or she will know what to expect and help them gain a sense of control over the situation.

Medical play: Child Life Specialists use real medical equipment to play "doctor," make medical collages, and guide your child through various activities to help them become acclimated with their surroundings in the hospital.

Family support: Parents and siblings need support during hospitalization too! Child Life Specialists can provide resources and information for parents, as well as education and activities for siblings.

Normative activities: Play is vital in a child's healing process. The Children's Center at The Medical Center offers an activity center to provide patients an opportunity for a sense of control and mastery in a non-threatening, safe environment. In addition, our Child Life Specialist has a broad range of activities to offer patients at their bedside. These include games, arts and crafts, movies, etc.