Be There: Students at Davis Elementary are learning to be N.I.C.E.

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  In this week's "Be There" we find out how one Muscogee County school is teaching students to be nice, in a new and different way.

Being nice is an easy concept, but Davis Elementary School is finding a unique way to encourage kids to treat each other with respect.

"Necessary Incentive for Cooperative Entity," explained Pamela Thomas, the program's founder.

Nice was formed to promote positive behavior in the classroom and is designed to involve the entire community for a common goal.

"N.I.C.E. is positive acting character building initiative and it's a school-wide initiative. It involves a home component, teacher, cafeteria workers, everybody at Davis and the community sponsorship as well," said Thomas, who is also a teacher at Davis Elementary School.

One example of how the program works is to take a word of the week, teach that to parents and students, and help everyone understand the meaning. The students will also get rewarded for showing off some of the new skills they pick up.

Thomas said, "For example, the word is patience this week and it means without haste or waiting your turn. If we see someone waiting their turn or being extra nice to someone then we commend them for doing that and let them know we think being nice is a good thing."

After the school-wide celebration for the official N.I.C.E. Kick-off, the students are energized and prepared to be... N.I.C.E.

"We're going to keep being nice at Davis and spreading the good news!" Thomas added.

The school created an evaluation team to follow the students' progress.

During the assembly the kids had their own cheers for N.I.C.E. and pledged to work towards being a better school.

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