The Valley suffers a moderate drought

Columbus, GA (WTVM) - The summer's extreme heat and little rain have left lawns around town a little or a lot brown.

Columbus resident Jonathan Smart says nothing beats a good rain. WTVM caught him working in his back yard today, "It dries the ground out and makes it harder out here today trying to plant some plants.  It is a chore."

It is also a chore for local nurseries.  In this heat, they are really feeling the pinch.  Kary Papsis from To-Mar Garden Center said, "People are cutting flower beds out and just laying out grass because it is easier to maintain the grass, and water the grass versus watering the plants. It has effected out sales quite a bit."

People are deciding to trade in their shrubbery and flowers for grass and pine straw.

Another trend is to take vegetable plants out of the ground and keep them in containers that require less water.

With no rain in sight, Smart says he will have to rely on his sprinkler system, "Just trying to keep as much water on it as possible. It is also hitting us too with the pool.  With the extreme heat, it is evaporating water out of the pool.  In these tough economic times it is never something you want to see, your bills creeping up because of the weather."