Community comes together to stop crime before it starts

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Isaac Brown and members in his community are coming together with the hopes of stopping crime before it happens."We can talk, and talk about crime prevention but you don't see anything happening. Our organization is base on doing something not talking," Brown said.

Their plan is to provide a safe environment for the youth in the area.  To keep young people out of trouble, the Boxwood Neighborhood Watch group is providing a recreation center for youngsters, where they can do constructive activities. "There are so many young people going out steeling bicycles don't still a bike come to use and will give you one," said Brown.

Brown has also set up a neighborhood command center so that he and members of the neighborhood watch can be in constant contact with the entire neighborhood. Around the corner, the building housing the recreation center was donated to Columbus' Boxwood neighborhood by neighborhood watch board member Reverend Wayne Baker and the city.

It's already filled with a number of items to give to people in need.  Reverend Baker hopes to get help renovating the building and new equipment for the children. His message is simple, come together and make a difference.  "I think there is a overwhelming number of violent crime, homicide, and theft but I think its going to take a complete community effort to quill this and cut crime down, one person cannot do this by himself or herself," Reverend Baker said.

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