Hunters find 7-foot snake in Harris County

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

HARRIS COUNTY, GA  (WTVM) - Jason Motos and his dad Larry came across a 7-foot boa constrictor while hunting early Saturday morning. 

"My dad said there's a rattle-snake, there's a rattle-snake we was going to get out and get it from there, it was a chase he was chasing us and we was chasing him," Jason Motos said.

"He rose up and we got back in the truck, and we got back out and I shot him with my bow but it didn't hurt him," said Larry Motos.

The shot did not stun the snake enough. The two wanted to get him back to their house -- just three miles down the road.

The Motos put the snake in a trash can with air holes and placed a piece of wood on top to keep the snake from getting out. 

Motos' wife could not believe what her husband and son had stumbled upon."He called me and said I just shot a 7.5-foot snake and I'm like no you didn't and he said yea I just shot a seven and half foot boa constrictor," Sandy Motos said.

Larry Motos says that it is common for people to abandon their pet snakes in the woods of Harris County.

Amber Elliot with Paws Humane in Columbus says that if people do not want their pet snake they should try alternative methods.  "They can take the pet to animal control or call South Eastern Rescue. They are on call 24-7. They are also licensed and insured," Elliot said.

After an encounter with a 7-foot boa constrictor, this is one hunting trip that Larry and Jason Motos will never forget. "It's almost untrue I've never seen one that big especially a boa like that," Jason Motos said.

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