Man shot in the head survives, suspect behind bars

17-year-old Dionta Turpin, Source: Columbus Police Department
17-year-old Dionta Turpin, Source: Columbus Police Department

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  A weekend car-jacking ends with a Columbus man in the hospital and one man behind bars. The victim is shot in the head three times and lives to tell about it.

A man is shot at point blank range, three bullets enter and exit his head, and he walks out of the hospital less than 24 hours later. The man is literally a walking miracle.

Christopher Williams told News Leader 9, "I live my life like it's the last day, every day but that day was not the day I thought I get shot in my head."

Not many people do think they will be shot in the head, let alone survive that sort of attack, but after a Saturday morning car-jacking on Ticknor Drive, Christopher Williams can say both, "I'm sitting in the truck. I'm looking in the rear view mirror and I see a dude creeping up behind me but I'm thinking it's somebody just playing."

But the two masked suspects were serious, and carrying weapons.

"When they went to shoot I bent over and guarded my face. The first two bullets hit me in the top of the head. The last bullet hit me in the finger then another bullet hit me in the top of the head again," the 28-year-old victim recalled.

Three bullets in all entered and exited his head.

Williams says through the attack, he didn't feel like he was alone, "I had blanked out. The only thing I saw were angels at the particular time, that's all I saw were angels. And I just ducked and it's like the wings of the angels were just protecting me but every time it's just like they were fanning bullets. It was almost eight to ten bullets that were being fired at the same time."

Williams was treated and released from the Medical Center that same day. Every doctor he came in contact with agrees he defied all the odds.

"It had to be a blessing. And for me to still be standing. I'm looking at the fire coming out this gun. I wouldn't be here right now. It was just something that went wrong, you know, but it went right for me," said Williams.

Only parts of one bullet remain in his head. Doctors tell Williams the bullets surprisingly did little damage to his brain and he is expected to fully recover.

After a brief car chase Columbus Police have arrested one of the suspects in relation to this shooting. Seventeen-year-old Dionta Turpin was arrested on Caprise Court after running away from the stolen Chevy Tahoe.

He is being held in the Muscogee County Jail facing charges of aggravated assault, high-jacking a motor vehicle and obstruction of an officer. He will appear in Recorder's Court Monday morning at 8 a.m.

Meanwhile, police are still investigating charges for the other suspect in this shooting.

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