Shooting victim makes appeal to 'stop the violence'

By Roslyn Giles  - email | bio

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Christopher Williams, 28, told News Leader 9,  he's from the streets and has a message for everyone in Columbus. "Put the gun down and stop it, it's not worth it."

Williams speaking from experience was shot in the head three times Saturday morning outside the Colonial Apartments on Ticknor Drive apartment, just off Victory Drive.  Instead of revenge, Williams wants to get his message out to everyone.

"I know the games of the street, what the rules and regulations are, but as far as that young man, I never had a run in with him." His message comes on the heels of 10 homicides in Columbus this year, four since Labor Day. "Your life is way more expensive than a dollar bill, anything materialistic you need to stop it."

William's faced his alleged shooter, Dionta Turpin, 17, in Recorders Court Monday. He said he wanted to ask him just one question. "Why me? I hate to see a young brother that age have to face the consequences for something like that."

Williams explained, he's thankful God spared his life and so is his mother. "People need to stop the violence and stay in school and think about the positive not the negative," added Margaret Williams.

Williams also said he took every bullet like a man, and he hopes others will stand up and be a man by stopping the violence.

Turpin is being held without bond on aggravated assault and hijacking charges. The judge issued him more than $10,000 in bonds on other related charges such as possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, obstructing an officer, fleeing and leaving the scene, driving without a license and no proof of insurance.

The shooting happened as Turpin and another suspect allegedly stole William's Chevy Tahoe during a carjacking. Police say they are still looking for the second suspect.

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