Sheriff hoping Lifesaver program will expand

Harris County, GA (WTVM) - Gary Brown's twin sons have autism and do not speak. "One time we were at the state capitol going to disability day and one of my boys got away from me and it was a pretty scary thing."  So, Brown signed both of his boys up for Program Lifesaver and now they wear a small transmitter that looks like a watch.

Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Mike Pitts is trained on the program and explained, "It is kind of like an insurance policy, you do not always need insurance, but you thank God when you do have it."

Deputy Pitts is training other officers throughout Harris County to use the Project Lifesaver equipment. There is a component that can be placed in a car for Alzheimer patients who are still able to drive.

Sheriff Mike Jolley said it saves man power, "It will save the family stress and has the potential to save lives."

Jolley knows that the more agencies involved the more lives that can be saved. Right now, in our region, only Troup and Harris Counties in Georgia and Chambers County in Alabama are using the program.

"We would ask, maybe, for those agencies to get involved.  We are getting calls from Muscogee County and Talbot County and people there want to get involved, but I do not have the ability to go into other counties," said Jolley.

Muscogee County Sheriff John Darr said that he did not know about the program, but he would be looking into it today.

There is an initial cost to the department to purchase the equipment and the customer has to purchase new batteries each month at about $10.00 each. Gary Brown said it is a small price to pay, "Worth it.  The peace of mind is worth it."

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