Phenix City Carnival Co. running Columbus Fair

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Everywhere you turned at the Columbus Civic Center Monday, you saw workers gearing up for what's being called the "All New Greater Columbus Fair."

This year, Phenix City-owned Dixieland Carnival Company is in charge of the entire operation.

They travel all over Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama doing fairs.

"This is the first time that they're able to come to their hometown fair so they're really pulling out all the stops. They're here to show off this year," said Robin Walker with the Columbus Civic Center.

But there wasn't time to show off. Even Dixieland owner Billy Tucker was putting finishing touches on rides.

"Right now, everything is going on location. Everything is getting leveled, double checked. Later in the day, we're going to start cleaning. Everything is going to be lit up, we'll check all of the light bulbs, start washing all of the equipment. Then the very last thing we'll do at the end of the day, we'll make sure everything is running perfectly," said his wife and Dixieland co-owner Stacey Tucker.

"Because Dixieland Carnival Company is a very large company and with them bringing such extensive rides this year, we have had to expand it so it is in two different parking lots as well as a third parking lot at Memorial Stadium for the American Devil Stunt show," Walker added.

Dixieland's main focus on Monday, according to the owners, was safety inspections.

"There isn't much that goes on in the industry that we don't know about. Every single day, our guys get check lists. Everything is test run before the public even goes near it. We're all just extremely excited and think this is going to be the best year yet," Tucker said.

The fair officially gets underway Tuesday night at 6 PM and will run through Sunday.

Here is the official press release on the event:

The All New Greater Columbus Fair is coming to the Columbus Civic Center Sept. 21st – 26th, and this year the fair introduces a brand new midway provider – Dixieland Carnival Company, based out of Phenix City, Alabama. ( They are excited to bring new spectacular rides to the fair grounds, such as Vertigo- The south's first 100' tall swinging sensation, and the Sky wheel double Ferris wheel, to name a few, plus fun games and attractions, along with an outstanding selection of delicious fair food specialties.

This year's daily free entertainment includes a petting zoo, exotic animal exhibition, No Joe's Clown Circus and on Tuesday and Wednesday only at 8pm …The American Daredevil Stunt show. (See page 2 for details). The Fair will also be presenting the 2nd annual Miss Greater Columbus Fair Pageant on Saturday from 2-5pm.

Advance sale Value Passes are available again this year for $22 and are good for unlimited rides and free gate admission any one day you choose. Value Pass is available for purchase only at the Columbus Civic Center Box Office until 6pm on September 29th. The Columbus Civic Center Box Office has extended box office hours for the next week, and are as follows:

Monday, Sept. 21 - Friday, Sept. 25 / 8am – 8pm

Saturday, September 26th / 8am-5pm

Sunday, September 27th / 1pm – 6pm

Monday, September 28th / 8am- 8pm

Tuesday, September 29th / 8am – 6pm

Fair Hours:

Tuesday & Wednesday: 6pm – 12am

Thursday: 4pm – 12am

Friday: 6pm – 1am

Saturday: 11am – 1am

Sunday: 2pm – 12am

American Daredevil Stunt show - Tuesday (9/21) & Wednesday 9/22) -

The American Daredevil® Tommy Pearson has been featured on TV Shows: "Extra",

"Hard Copy", "Real TV", "Great Escapes", "CMT", "Fox Network", "ABC Network",

"G4", "Spike", "TLC did a documentary on him", "Jay Leno" The Tonight Show and

many more.

(Brief description of the Show)

"Trapeze Firewalls" (The AmericanDaredevil Tommy Pearson will swing down and

burst through 2 wooden walls of fire)

"Human Battering Ram" (Daredevil will lay on the hood of the car and The

AmericanDaredevil Tommy Pearson will drive him through wooden walls of fire head


"125 foot Fire Slide" (Tommy's daughter will be on a sled and will be pulled by

a car through 125 foot of fire)

"Twist" (Tommy's youngest son Daredevil Jonathan Pearson will drive his car

through 2 sets of cars standing up on there bumpers and spinning them into the

air crashing down behind him)

"Domino's" (The AmericanDaredevil Tommy Pearson will crash head-on into 4 cars

standing up and flip them over his car and crashing down behind him)

"100 foot Car Drop from a Crane" (Daredevil Michael Knight will be strapped into

a car that will be lifted up into the air by the rear bumper 100 feet by a

crane. At the right time, the car will be released and fall nose first into the

catch cars below)

Tommy Pearson


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