Second possible shooter identified in weekend carjacking

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  We have an update to the weekend carjacking that sent one man to the hospital and landed another behind bars.

Columbus police charged a 17-year-old for shooting a man in the head and we have new details about another person of interest in this crime.

When the victim, 28-year-old Christopher Williams, told police he was shot, he described two suspects. We already know one of those men is in jail, but police never released information on the second possible shooter.

After some investigating of our own, News Leader 9 found out some details about this man.

"Folks say I'm lucky, but it wasn't my time. It just wasn't my time," said Christopher Williams. Williams survived three gunshots to the head, he's lucky to be alive, especially since some think the Saturday morning carjacking was aimed for his friend.

"They say it was meant for him, but I got the short end of the stick. But if you're going to hurt a man for $600-$700 and some necklaces and chains, you don't know what life is all about then," said Williams.

Columbus Police caught 17-year-old Dionta Turpin, but reports show he did not work alone. Another man was arrested near the scene of the crime, 28-year-old Quandarian Morgan.

Williams told News Leader 9, "You can get a job and work and get the same thing, but you'd rather rob a person and take someone's stuff that worked and did what they had to do."

Although police have not officially charged Morgan in connection to this shooting, he was a suspect in the actual car-jacking. He was taken into custody for outstanding warrants and for lying to police about his identity.

Williams says he didn't know the men who took his Chevy Tahoe and tried to take his life, but he wishes them no ill will, "I can't say I wish for that person to be locked up, but if you do the crime, you do the time. But I don't wish anything bad on him."

The first suspect, Dionta Turpin, waived his rights for a Recorder's Court hearing Monday morning.

Quandarian Morgan did appear in court, where he entered a "not guilty" plea for giving false information. He was given a $200 bond and 20 days confinement.

News Leader Nine will let you know if further charges are brought against him.

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