Be There: Paying the Bills

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  We've all been in this situation, you open the bills and the amount due is a lot greater than you expected. Well one Columbus woman found a way to bring that number down.

In this week's "Be There" News Leader Nine finds out how her trick ended up benefiting her children as well.

Haydee Dukes explained, "The electric bill was very high and I challenged the children that if we could save money from the bills that they could get that extra money."

Those were the magic words her grandchildren needed to hear in order to start helping with the bills.

Jordan High School Senior Gabby Dukes said, "I unplugged the flat iron, and unplugged the lamp and turned off my lights."

"I put forth an effort in going around and turning off lights that were on," said Gabby's twin brother Gabriel Dukes.

Their cousin Deemeshia Dukes added, "I cut the lights off, made sure the air conditioner was up or down, where it needed to be and made sure everything was balanced."

And after a few months of these easy practices, the Dukes family had saved more than $100.

Mrs. Dukes told News Leader Nine, "After two months we found the electric bill began to go down and everybody was excited and I was able to open up savings accounts for them. Then they were able to do some things they wanted to do. It was fun."

The family agrees this is an easy thing to do that literally helps everyone.

"When you tell teenagers or kids that they're going to get a reward or some benefit from it, so that the child can see where mom will be helped and we'll all get something beneficial from it," said Dukes.

The allowance was a one time deal for the kids, but Mrs. Dukes says even after they got the money, she still sees a decrease in the electric bill.

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