City to install hawk lights at bike trail intersections

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  The Fall Line Trace is not officially open yet, but people are testing the new biking and pedestrian trail in Columbus -- at their own risk.

Frank Oresteen should know. We watched him carefully maneuver the trail at Hilton Avenue.

Oresteen says he's worried. "You know they have pedestrian bridges, like on Buena Vista, so the kids can go home from school. It really wouldn't cost that much to have something like that where the Burger King is," said Oresteen.

That isn't happening, but a light will go up at Hilton.

City planner Rick Jones says, "It will not be a standard light that you see, traffic signal. It's what they call a hawk light. Someone that's crossing the trail, either a biker or pedestrian or whatever, will actually have to turn that signal on."

Jones says the light should be in place by November. That's why signs warning of state crosswalk laws have gone up, to set the table so to speak.

For the most part the trail follows the old railroad tracks, one exception being at University Avenue where it was rerouted to the traffic light at Manchester Expressway.

Jones says that was essential. "We could not have folks going behind cars, when those cars are waiting for the light to change or whatever."

The city will work to make other intersections as safe as possible by the time the trail opens this time next year.

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