Communities come together to reduce crime

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Four murders in the span of five days --  these back-to-back criminal acts are what prompted Thursday night' meeting at the Public Safety center. Neighborhood Watch groups from all over the city convened.

The crime prevention unit at the Columbus Police Department wants the citizens of Columbus to know that when it comes to fighting crime they are not alone.

"We want each neighborhood coordinator or captain to feel that he or she is not by themselves, that there are other people with unique problem but most of all they have solutions," said Sergeant Donald Bush.

Business owner Sandra Render came to the meeting to find solutions. Her business located in midtown Columbus has been burglarized several times."I'm tired of it and I want something to be done about it if I can do anything to prevent what's going on at my business I want to do it but I want to know what is going on with the police department," Render said.

Members of the crime prevention unit are working to ease the minds of folks like Sandra Render.

Many of the residents at tonight's meeting expressed concerns about gang activity in the area, people loitering around neighborhoods, and communication."Tell people what's going on if you see something talk to somebody tell somebody what's going on because we work too hard for everybody to just come in and take our things," Render said.

"We try to reduce crime in the neighborhood and I think we had a very positive meeting and we plan on having another one next month and I expect a full house," Sergeant Bush said.

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