Fence welcomes Fort Benning soldiers

By Chuck Leonard  - bio | email | Twitter

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) -  You've heard the expression that good fences make good neighbors.

We found a fence at Fort Benning that has just about everyone smiling.  It's outside the home of Lt. Col. Rhett Griner on Miller Loop. The fence contains a sign that says, 'Welcome Home Heroes' and it's the work of Renee Griner and her three children.

She says, "When we were putting it out, people were honking & waving, and you know saying thank you. So it was great from the beginning." The sign is made of plastic drinking cups, 401 if you're counting, in red, blue and yellow. Renee say the idea was easy, but finding the proper cup was not. "That was hard because there's a certain size that fits in the fence just right. The 12 oz. actually fit the best."

The sign has been up since Labor Day, when Griner realized that the drawdown of U.S. forces in Iraq meant troops were coming home. "The first units were starting to come back and we didn't want to miss anybody." Folks like Specialist Joshua Back have taken notice. He is not among those returning but says, "I'm glad that people care about the soldiers that come back, even though they might not be in 3rd Brigade."

Renee's husband is due back early next month, so the sign is partially for him, but not exclusively. "You know we wanted to make sure everybody had a chance to let them know how much we miss them every day. We just wanted to make sure that they get a big thank-you from all of us."

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