Amnesty day works to stop prescription drug misuse

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The misuse of prescription medication is a problem that's prompting police across the Chattahoochee Valley to provide a way to get rid of old and expired medicine. Pharmacist Patrick Fitzgerald, owner of Fitzgerald pharmacy in Columbus, says children and teenagers commonly misuse prescription medications.

"Teenagers will sell their add medicine their stimulus that help them focus--during their studies they will then turn around and sell that to other students," Fitzgerald said.

Barrels will be set out in front of the Russell County sheriff's office on highway 431 on Saturday, and a drive-thru set up in the basement of the Columbus Government center, for unused prescription pills.  There will also be a drop off point in the lobby of the Lagrange police department.

"Let's get rid of all the prescription drugs that people may have in their home, things that are out of date expired, family members may have been prescribed something that are no longer in the house and that becomes a danger to children walking around and teenagers that may want to experiment," said lieutenant Heath Taylor.

Fitzgerald says that parents should warn their children about the potential dangers of prescription drugs.

"Use drugs like they are supposed to be used if you use prescription drugs like they are supposed to be used prescription drugs wisely and only when you need them they will work. Use and abuse them all the time then they don't work," said Fitzgerald.

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