Northside High School bus attacked, police search for answers

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - An emergency recorded message from Northside High School principal James Wilson was sent to parents Saturday afternoon, after a window on a Muscogee County School District bus bringing students home from Friday night's game was reportedly shattered by a gun-shot.

"It was reported to us through Muscogee County School District security that a gunshot had struck one of our football busses right around midnight. They were traveling north on I-185 coming back from a foot ball game in Lee County," Wilson said.

After speaking with police, Principal Wilson says the object that struck the window has not been identified.

"We've since learned through the police department and through the police report that it has not been verified that it was a gun shot at all," Wilson said.

The Columbus Police Department says it is currently investigating the incident.

Northside High School parent Kathy Miller says that she is concerned for her daughter's safety.

"It scares me everyday for my kids to get on a bus to go to school, be at school my kids refer to me as over protective I would rather be over protective than not protective at all," Miller said.

"Just as a precaution we will have some extra security on campus next week while it's being investigated, the safety of our students is always our top priority," Wilson said.

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