Public Transportation in Lee County Struggles

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) - Eva Mae Jackson uses Lee County's public transportation every day to get to work. She says if it wasn't for the service, she wouldn't be able to make a living. She says, "I like it because I don't have any other transportation and I just really like it because it comes pick you up and then take you back to the house you know I like it."

But because the Lee-Russell Public Transportation does not receive funding they're very limited and looking at ways to close the gap in their abilities to provide transportation.

Danielle Warren, Mobility Manager for Lee-Russell Public Transportation, says, "That doesn't necessarily mean purchasing more or spending more money, the resources are here it's just a matter of sharing those resources among the different agencies in the county."

The idea is that businesses would share their methods of transportation to the community, so when school buses, Mental Health vans, community center vehicles and more are not being used they would be used to pick up those in need, instead of just being parked in a field or lot.

"It's simply using the resources that are available to us and figuring out how best we can share them" adds Warren.

Public Transportation in Lee County hasn't had fixed routes for years, making it more difficult for riders as they have to call and schedule a pick up time.  Thursday's hearing will focus on the lack of resources and not being able to pick up everyone that needs it.

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