Fort Knox's M1A2 tanks undergo firing test at Fort Benning

By Roslyn Giles  - email | bio

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The first five fighting tanks from Fort Knox, Kentucky were put to the test at Fort Benning's Digital Mult-Purpose Range Complex Wednesday morning on Harmony Church.

The M1A2 Abrams tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles arrived in August in preparation for training exercises to be conducted this spring when the Armor School transitions from Fort Knox to the Infantry at Fort Benning.

Soldiers from the 1St Battalion, 29th Regiment, 316th Cavalry Brigade at Fort Knox performed the firing test with assistance from the Infantry. The two companies working together is an example of the army's slogan, "One Force, One Fight," said Cindy Andruss, Fort Benning Public Affairs Specialist.

"The entire tank crew works together to find the targets and take the targets down as soon as possible," added Specialist Nathan Ehrenberger, Gunner from the Armor School at Fort Knox pulls the trigger on the tank. The tank platoon maneuver exercise allows the soldiers to become familiar with the range and also ensures the vehicles are meeting government standards.

During the exercise, a round got stuck in the gun tube on one of the Abrams tanks. It took the soldiers only a few minutes to get it repaired.  "Everything is going as planned with anything new there will be a few mishaps but we're pushing through making sure everything is to standard.

The impact you feel when one of the main battle tanks fires a round is unbelievable. It's like being at a finale of a fireworks show.  The firing tests with the tanks and Bradleys will continue throughout the week.

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