Auburn University Hosts Gubernatorial Debate

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - The Auburn Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide are pushing aside their rivalry tomorrow night. Auburn University is set to host the state's candidates for governor.

It's the second debate in a series held with the University of Alabama and the League of Women Voters.

Kurt Sasser, President of Auburn University's SGA, says Tuesday's gubernatorial debate is the result of many students throughout Alabama coming together despite their rivalry. "It's kind of that we're uniting Alabama with the premiere 2 institutions in the state of Alabama, it's been really fun."

Director of Auburn Communications, Mike Clardy, says the dedication and perseverance in the two Student Government bodies with the debate says a lot. "The most important thing is it really shows me the importance of getting students involved in the political process the SGA here has been working on this for over a's cool to see them get so involved in this to the point to be able to host a debate."

Not only is the debate created, organized and run by students, Auburn's student leaders asked classmates to submit questions for the candidates for Governor.

"We want this to be student driven, we're working with the administration and the administration has been awesome but we really want to show that students do have a voice and we also want to give the administration credit for listening not only to the students' needs but what students' want."

The debate Tuesday night is in Auburn's Student Center Ballroom at 7 central.

Sasser says he hopes Auburn University and The University of Alabama will get young voters to the polls. "That's who we're really focusing on is students so they can not only vote  but be educated about what they're voting they're not just marking something on their ballot but really hear the issues."

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