Victoryland Casino owner Milton McGregor arrested; one of 11

Milton McGregor
Milton McGregor

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

SHORTER, AL (WTVM) - Early Monday morning, Victoryland Owner Milton McGregor was one of 11 people arrested, the other 10 being Senators, Lobbyists, and Ronnie Gilley, Country Crossing casino developer. 

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They are being charged with buying votes for pro-gaming legislation.  Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer says the accused created a corrupt network of powerful people to manipulate the democratic process for personal gain.

Breuer said in a press conference on the issue early Monday, "The alleged criminal scheme was astonishing in scope.  As alleged in the indictment, the defendants' corrupt conduct infiltrated every layer of the legislative process in the state of Alabama."

Mickey Johnson, A Victoryland fan, says there are bigger things to worry about. "There's so many other issues, other than casino, unemployment rate being as high as it is and too much emphasis is really being put on this at what point do we start worrying about the people."

Octavious Ensley, a former Victoryland employee, says Macon County can't stand without Victoryland because they have the ability to employee so many people. "It's sad to see Mr. McGregor get arrested like that but I hope everything gets back right and it can start back up because a lot of folks lost a lot of jobs around here and can't do nothing else but go somewhere else and try to find jobs."

But the Assistant A.G. says the crimes and cover-up are unfair to Alabama voters.

"The defendants are alleged to have gone to great lengths to try to keep their criminal conduct from coming to light, including repeatedly calling each other on what they perceived to be safe phones" , said Breuer.

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