Band Hot Chelle Rae visits Columbus Children's Hospital before concert

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  It's not every day a famous rock band hosts a free concert, but Hot Chelle Rae made a stop in the fountain city to do just that. They took the stage at Extreme Marine on Tuesday night, but before they started rocking out, they took time to hang out with the patients at the Children's Hospital.

The Nashville band Hot Chelle Rae brought a bit of joy to some sick children at the Columbus Medical Center today.

Lead singer for the band R.K. Follese told News Leader Nine, "We are visiting some kids today, hanging out with them, giving them some posters, wishing some happy birthdays."

R.K., Nash, Jamie, and Ian signed autographs, sang and even danced with some of the patients.

"It was really cool to meet all of them, they were all really nice. There was this four year old who kept jumping around dancing. It was a lot of fun," said band member Nash Overstreet.

The guys say they were glad to bring some joy to the fans who do so much for them.

Ian Keaggy from Hot Chelle Rae added, "It's nice to kind of give, and then kind of see, you know, kind of brighten their day. For anyone in the hospital, it's just nice to have someone come visit you."

After their day at the hospital, Hot Chelle Rae then had to get to work and prepare for the free concert.

Follese said, "The concert tonight is going to be really fun. I think it's going to be nice, it's going to be outdoors, really beautiful. We really like this area and we are really excited to play."

The free concert was hosted by Q-107.3 and held Extreme Marine on North Lake Parkway in Columbus.

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