Final members of the 3rd Brigade return home

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - For two months these doors have served as a bridge connecting members of the Third Brigade with their loved ones and now the final members of the heavy combat unit are coming home after spending a year in Iraq.

Stephanie Thomas and her daughters are among the eager crowd at Freedom Hall. They are happy that their soldier is finally coming home. "It's been a challenge this was his first deployment it's been a challenge having him gone, having daddy out of the house is not always the most fun we would rather have him home," Thomas said.

Stephanie's daughter Jodie saw her father at her graduation in May. She's thankful that he doesn't have to leave the family again."This is him actually coming home so its not like he's just going to be here and have to leave again. So this one's more permanent, a different feeling than before," Jodie Thomas said.

Like they have done several times over the past few months, the doors leading from the tarmac into Freedom Hall, opened once more welcoming home these husbands, wives, sons and daughters all soldiers of the Third Brigade .

"It just feels great the family support coming from Columbus, here being part of the 3rd brigade, glad to be part of such a good team glad to be home," Thomas said.

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