Church van crash survivor speaks out

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A survivor of a fatal church van crash that killed four people and injured fifteen Sunday is shedding some light on what happened during a trip to a church revival in Florida.

David Dunn, 21, spoke to News Leader 9's James Valles from his hospital bed at Southeast Alabama Medical Center in Dothan.

He said he is thankful to be alive and remembers waking up from a nap, riding in the van, when out of nowhere, he heard one of the tires explode.

"Everything seemed well on the ride up there," Dunn said. "It was a straight away -- just a clean ride."

Dunn said there were no problems with the1987 Dodge Ram Wagon he was riding in, on the way to Quincy, Florida on Highway 27.

"All I know is we had a lot of snacks on the van," he recalled. "I grabbed a grape soda and looked back at Cameron, my little brother. He smiled back at me and we both took a nap."

About a hour and a half into the trip, things turned into a nightmare.

"The next thing I can remember I heard a sound of the tire popping up front. I don't know if the driver tried to hit the brakes."

Kenasha Seldon, 29, was behind wheel of the 15-passenger van, carrying 19 of his fellow church members.

"We just started speeding up very fast," he said.  "And, that's when she made that left turn and then ended up making a sharp right and flipped over."

Dunn remembers screams, people being ejected from a back exit and through windows. His pastor Apostle Ronmyka Williams and his pregnant wife Timika lying beside him.

I was just coughing blood left and right," he explained. "It was hard for me to breathe. After I rolled out I was able to sit up for a little bit and I saw my hands bleeding real bad. My back had been blown out."

Lying in pain until emergency crews arrived, Dunn said he could not see, but was hoping those around him would survive.

"I was trying to move, but I couldn't," he said. "There were people falling out the van. All I can really say is because of this and the fact that I should have been dead, one thing is for sure, it really increased my belief in me being thankful for being alive."

Dunn said he barely avoided being paralyzed from the head down. He's in good condition at Southeast Alabama Medical Center in Dothan as of Tuesday evening.

At least three out of fifteen injured have been discharged from hospitals.

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