Soldier gets back to the daily grind

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Thousands of soldiers have returned home from Iraq over the last few weeks.  The final group of Third Brigade Soldiers got in last night.

WTVM spent the Wednesday with a reunited family, the Ragland's.

Demarcus Ragland spoke highly of his dad, "He is a good person and he takes care of his soldiers."

Now, Sgt. First Class Demarco Ragland is home to take care of his family.  He returned to Fort Benning Tuesday night from Iraq with the rest of the 3rd Brigade.

First thing on his list was breakfast with his son.  Demarcus had even more good things to say, "He is loving.  He always helps me with my school work and football.  He is always there even though he is in Iraq."

Qundia Ragland is excited to see her husband again, "Mainly to give over the duties of going to football, parties on the weekend, homework. I am going to share the duties now."

Sgt. Ragland says he does not mind.  He missed the little things most people take for granted.  "Just going to the gas station and putting gas in the car, going to the mall. Just the little things like taking him to school and doing homework, just normal things that Americans do on a day to day basis.  Getting back used to it."  When asked what the easier job was – father or soldier – he said, "probably soldier."

And, some things he just could not do in Iraq, like spending a lot of the day talking about football, especially Demarcus' game this weekend.

Demarcus bragged, "I am going to show him something.  Show him how I hit now and how many touchdowns I can get, probably going to get five."

Mom Qundia said, "You cannot get back memories, but they can try to start where they left off."

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