"Special Day for Special People" at West Point Lake

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WEST POINT, GA (WTVM) -  Before the temperatures get too low, hundreds of people gathered at West Point Lake Thursday for a yearly event, with a special twist.

West Point Lake played host to 1,000 people today for the 33rd Annual Special Day for Special People. It's a yearly event that provides outdoor recreation for mentally and physically disabled residents all over the valley.

West Point Ranger Steven Rector told News Leader Nine, "We invite them out to the project. It's all free, there's no charge for the activities we offer. It's a great time for them to come out and see the lake in the fall, enjoy the weather, have a picnic and go on a boat ride."

Some of the guests were first timers and others, like Willie Wilson, return year after year, "We come every year from Allen Place in Columbus this time of year."

Maddie Walker added, "We're having a good time. I come every year and I enjoy it. It gets better and better."

Several sponsors provided food, games and other entertainment.

Jane Farrar is the Director of Lanett Senior Center and brought 32 individuals to "Special Day for Special People". She told News Leader Nine, "They are boat riding and eating -- don't let me leave that out -- and their having their pictures made."

Mark Brown was also enjoying the festivities, "I like eating and meeting different crowds and meeting new people."

And no matter what their age, everyone enjoyed a celebration in the beautiful weather.

Farrar said, "It's important that they be in society as seniors. That's what keeps them up, active and going."

Brown added, "It's basically great that people do stuff like this for the community and are giving back."

When asked why West Point was hosting this event Betty Travis answered, "Because we're special people... We're very special people!"

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