Aflac children's cancer center partners with Beads of Courage

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Aflac tells News Leader 9 that the Beads of Courage program has created a brand new bead that honors the Aflac Duck's contribution to the fight against pediatric cancer. 

Patients at the Aflac Cancer Center at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta wear their beads like badges of honor.

'This one was for an overnight stay in the hospital.'
'That one was for a spinal tap.'
'And the one that glows in the dark?  Radiation treatment, of course.'
'It gives me courage.'

A pediatric oncology nurse, Jean Baruch developed the programs, Beads of Courage, to help children meet the emotional challenges of cancer treatments.

The program is now active in 71 hospitals and serves more than 10,000 children.

On October 10th, a new bead, featuring the Aflac Duck, will officially the Beads lexicon. NASCAR driver Carl Edwards will unveil the new Aflac Duck Wingman Bead of Courage bead -- a tribute to the Aflac Cancer Center

The new bead is also an effort to show kids that are suffering with serious illnesses that they are not alone in their fight against the disease.

You can sponsor an Aflac Duck Wingman Bead and remind a child with cancer that they are not alone just by making a $5 donation at In addition, Beads of Courage will send a child a Wingman Bead packaged with an Encouragement Book.

For $25, donors can purchase beads for 5 children and receive one of their own. Purchasers can select the region of the country where they would like their bead to be sent with a portion of their donation going to Beads of Courage® to help provide and maintain the program in hospitals across the country.

The new Wingman bead is part of the Aflac Duck's 10th birthday celebration.

For more information on Beads of Courage check out this YouTube clip:

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