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Muscogee County schools to hold open house for magnet programs

Press Release

COLUMBUS, GA - Open House for all middle and high school magnet programs is October 15 – December 17, 2010. 

Parents and students who have an interest in one of the eleven (11) secondary magnet programs should contact and visit the school for requirements and consideration before the magnet application deadline. 

After the magnet acceptance deadline (February 28, 2011), students who are new to the school district may be considered for acceptance on a space available basis.

Students who are new to the school district must complete a Student Assignment Form to enroll in the district.  Out-of-county students may only be accepted in a magnet program if no in-county student has been denied due to capacity.

Schools are allowed to accept a maximum of 100 students per grade level to the magnet program, with a maximum of 50 students per grade level from outside the attendance zone.  Columbus High School is excluded from these maximums.

Exceptions may be made based on grade level enrollment and school capacity. Students may not shadow or visit any magnet school during instructional hours. 

If a student leaves a magnet program, he or she is withdrawn and should report to the Central Registration office, 2960 Macon Road, for assignment to his or her home school, if it is different from the school he or she currently attends. 

Students who attend high school magnet programs will remain in the program or school until the end of the semester term, unless immediate transfer is approved by the Director of Secondary Education.

For more information, parents should contact the school of interest, and media should contact MCSD Communications through the information/interview request form, or 706-748-2034.

Muscogee County School District
Secondary Magnet/Academy Timeline

Deadline Dates



October 15

th - December 17th, 2010

Middle and high school magnet programs will conduct magnet open houses.

February 12, 2011

All magnet entrance exams completed.

February 14, 2011


All magnet schools will mail final round of magnet acceptance or denial letters to parents/students.

February 23, 2011

Parents/Legal Guardians are required to return Academy/Magnet Transfer Request Forms to schools acknowledging acceptance into program.


February 28, 2011


Magnet schools will send all Academy/Magnet Transfer Request forms to Central Registration.


 Source: Muscogee County Schools

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