Dozens come out for Domestic Violence Awareness march

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Dozens marched through uptown Columbus to pay tribute to the victims of domestic violence, and also to create awareness so others don't become victims themselves. Audra Baker hopes to help other victims like herself.

"I've actually gone through the entire shelter situation; it's not just something I read in a book I'm actually a survivor of being a victim of domestic violence," Baker said.

After years of being in an abusive relationship Baker says she finally decided enough was enough.

"My breaking point was when my girls looked at me in the face and they couldn't say what they wanted to because they were very small at the time, I looked at them and I knew they were hurting and that's when I knew I had to leave," Baker said.

Now Baker is speaking out, she is becoming an advocate for people with similar situations to her own.

"You can survive, you can get out of that situation, you don't have to be in that situation, you have to be strong and you have to want to get out of that situation," Baker said.

Women are not the only people who suffer from domestic violence; Basileus of the Lamda Iota chapter of Omega Psi Phi fraternity says that men suffer from domestic violence too.

"It's fifteen percent of the victims of domestic violence are male and a lot of people don't know that,"

That is exactly what the vigil and march is all about. Making the community aware of domestic violence, it's not just something that's happening across the United States but in their own backyards as well.

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