New Yellow Dot Program will help save lives in Alabama

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email | Twitter

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) -  Russell County is finding a way to help save lives and its as simple as a yellow dot. The new program was outlined in Wednesday morning's Russell County Commission meeting.

Lora Weaver is with the Yellow Dot Program and she explained, "The Yellow Dot Program is the first of its kind in the state of Alabama and the purpose of it is to save lives. The way it can save lives is by improving communication between the first responders and the citizens of Alabama if they are participant and they are in an automobile accident or another medical emergency."

Several counties all over Alabama have signed on with the program, and starting next year, Russell County can be added to that list.

Sheriff Elect Heath Taylor told News Leader Nine, "It is a program that will allow first responders to know who's in a vehicle. Whether they're in a car wreck and incapacitated or they're passed out or they can't speak or they're too nervous to speak. This is going to some information in the car that citizens in this county can sign up for."

The information packets will contain pictures and other valuable information about the person who owns the car.

"There are so many uses of the information sheet in the envelope. It's got a photo of them and we're going to provide that across the county," Taylor said.

Weaver added, "It gives them pre-existing medical conditions, allergies, medications to take into consideration as they are treating the trauma at the present time."

And best of all, the service will be completely free.

Heath Taylor said the program will officially kick off on January 17th. At that time he will announce where residents can sign up to get a Yellow Dot packet.

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