Political TV Ads affect voter’s decisions

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - In less than three weeks, voters will head to the polls, taking with them messages etched in their minds from political TV ads. Do these sometimes-negative commercials affect voters?

"I do believe people are influenced by the ads because the ads doesn't tell the whole truth, they basically have 30  seconds to tell you whatever they need to tell you to win them over," Carroll said.

"I know what to look for and they are trying to sell you something or someone," Lawton said.

A Dean and political science professor at Columbus State University says lack of knowledge about campaigns can lead to voters being swayed by political ads.

"People are influenced most when they don't know the candidates very well when they really don't have  an idea of what they stand for and so they get a lot of their info from ads," Lanoue said.

Dean David Lanoue says that people are sometimes influenced by these ads without even realizing it.

"They remember some of the themes, so and so so did this and so and so took that money they may not remember where they heard it from but they remember the tag lines, they remember the basic themes and it makes a difference," Lanoue said.

But some voters do their own research.

"I go back and see what their careers are like and what they actually believe in," Carroll said.

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