Allegations of Bishop Long's relationships came out in book

(CNN) - The recent allegations of an Atlanta bishop having sexual relationships with men actually came out years ago in a book.

Now, the author is calling for Eddie Long to step down from the pulpit.

Reuben Armstrong, radio talk show host and author told CNN, "He is leading God's people to the pits of hell. He needs to confess, he needs to repent and he needs to let God deal with him." 

Armstrong admits he already had strong opinions about Bishop Eddie Long and his church's wealth, before hearing sex allegations against him. Armstrong heard those allegations long before many of the rest of us.

"It was noticed that Bishop Long was taking young boys into the church involved in the youth ministry and taking them on vacation and hanging out with them and practicing homosexual acts and performing homosexual acts with these young boys," said Armstrong.

Armstrong says two former pastors from New Birth  Missionary Church approached him in 2006, while he was already writing his book, Snakes in the Pulpit, and told him what they observed – but stopped communication once he began publicizing it.

"And they were scared for the retaliation, the aftermath they would receive from the church and from the Bishop, " said Armstrong.

His book was published in 2007.  Armstrong mentions Long in chapter 2, "Homosexual Pastor",  outright accusing him of sleeping with other men. He did not mention the teenagers at the time, because he says he couldn't confirm what the pastors had told him. 

But when four young man filed lawsuits last month, alleging long lured them into sexual relationships -- Armstrong wasn't surprised.

 "I say Wow, everything I've been talking about for years...," said Armstrong.

Armstrong says he has not heard from the youth pastors recently; but he's glad he revealed what they told him years ago. 

Armstrong is working with a South Carolina bishop, to organize a Halloween Day rally calling for Long's resignation. 

A spokesman for Eddie Long says the bishop is not responding to Armstrong's "inflammatory comments."  

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