Carver High students receive personal computers

Press Release

COLUMBUS, GA - Students at Carver High School received a personal Netbook computer -- thanks to a $1.3 million federal grant!

"The parents, students, and the teachers are excited to receive this technology because this is what they have been asking for the past 5 years," said Principal Chris Lindsey. "A 21st Century classroom will make a tremendous difference in student engagement and learning throughout the entire class period."

The learning experiences for students and teachers are endless.

Students can use the computers to communicate with other students across the world to compare government, personal freedoms, geology, ecosystems and much more.

By accessing approved web sites, students can also create an analyze data from environmental research and surveys, conduct online dissections, create graphs, and predict trends. In addition, each student can use the information discovered to differentiate between fact and fiction, create digital projects (videos, podcasts, 3-D imaging) and increase reading and comprehension across curriculum.

"Only five schools from across the state were selected to receive the grant," said Dr. Tina Cross.  "It was an extremely detailed application and we are grateful to be able to use the funds to help support instructional learning."

"One of the common goals was to change our method of instruction and to utilize current technology to make learning come alive to our students," added Lindsey.  "Another goal is to substantially increase student achievement, participation, and success in all courses I believe we will learn methods to implement best practices utilizing technology.  We will determine what works, what does not work, and what we can improve in regard to instruction and developing lessons that are diversified."

The project will be evaluated after a year to analyze the data collected and progress observed with teachers in the areas of content knowledge, pedagogical skills, the extent of integration of technology into instructional practices, and collaboration.

These measures will evaluate whether or not the project has increased the integration of technology into the instructional practices of teachers.

Source: Muscogee County School District