Ft. Benning Soldiers Reenlist

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

FORT BENNING, Ga. –   Maj. Gen. Michael Ferriter, Maneuver Center of Excellence commander, will reenlist more than 80 Soldiers from across post Monday morning.

For the everyday citizen, reenlisting in the Army may seem crazy.  But for these 80 soldiers, it's a labor of love.

Sgt. Matthew Wallace reenlisted for four years, "I am honored to continue serving. Gives us the opportunity to go see Germany, go see Europe."

Sgt. Wallace and his family will head to Germany while he works as an orthopedic surgeon.

For the Trado family, the next stop is Alaska. Sgt. Michael Trado said he reenlisted to "Go back to the fight. Go somewhere new.  Maybe bring more guys home, make sure they do not come home in body bags."

Some soldiers committed to serving another four years.  For others, it is a lifetime commitment.

"I'm indefinite, which is until the army lets me go," said Sgt. Jose Trejo.

The spouses and kids say when a soldier reenlists, the family does too.  "I know that it brings changes to our family and that is one of the things we were looking for, something different," said Kiley Trado.

Another soldier's wife, Sara Trejo, said it took a little convincing to agree to her husband reenlisting indefinitely, "but he loves his job and what he does."

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