Early Voting has Drawbacks

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's not November second yet but voters are already heading to the polls. As of Tuesday afternoon, more than six thousand absentee ballots have been issued. Voters are casting their ballots early in an attempt to beat large crowds.

"When November gets here it's going to be so many people in line to vote and you will regret that you didn't vote early," one voter told us.

Columbus State University Dean and Political Science professor David Lanoue says voting early gives you more opportunities to cast your vote.

"It gives people a lot of chances to go to the polling place in the old days you had one chance one day if you couldn't make it that day if you couldn't make it that day if had  to work long if you were sick if you had children care responsibilities, you couldn't vote," Dean David Lanoue said.

And some others are voting early because of the convenience. While convenience and avoiding crowds are two pluses of early voting there are some drawbacks. One is getting into the election office at the government center.

"Having to come here to the government center sometimes is difficult for people because they have to enter through the east wing and then walk around to the west wing," Nancy Boren with city Elections said.

Not only is the location a problem but campaign season doesn't end until after Election Day. Some details about candidates may not come up until then.

"Once you've voted you can't go back and re-vote so if something happens over the next two weeks that might have changed your mind you and can't go and have a do over one's its cast that's it," Lanoue said.

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